Few places in Honduras have the magic of Luna Jaguar Hot Springs, a natural sanctuary where visitors experience the mysticism of the Mayan belief, bathing in warm water to cleanse your body and purify his soul.This tourism development emerges as a relaxing complement to the thousands of visitors who annually come to Copan attracted by its famous Archaeological Park. 
Spa Jaguar Moon is a Maya theme park developed in the community of Aguas Calientes, where a constant source of hot springs flowing at temperatures of 83 degrees Celsius.This community is located 20 Kilometers from the city, in the mountainous part of this county, this translates to about 45 minutes away.In our Jaguar Luna Park you can enjoy a walk along well-marked trails and maintained that lead to sites surrounded by beauty, magic and mysticism. In its wake will find different areas to take steam baths and pools with different temperatures, up to the very birth of this spring.

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